Lullabye And Good Night

I’ve been singing the same song to Lauren at her bedtime since she was just a few weeks old. I wanted to be consistent to signal to her that it was bedtime (and not just a random song). Now, she sings along to the somewhat interesting lyrics from a Ben Folds Five song, called, appropriately, “Lullabye.”

With Kate’s arrival, I wanted to select something different, so each girl would have their own special song. For her, I chose a song from James Taylor, called “Sweet Baby James.” When I sing it to Kate, however, I sing “Sweet Baby Kate.” It’s funny--I can already tell that she recognizes the song as being part of her bedtime routine.

What lullabyes do you sing to your children?

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Heather King
Heather is the anchor and executive producer of WITN News at Sunrise and also reports.

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