Please, Don't Put That In Your Nose

We eat a lot of peas and corn at our house. They are two vegetables that Lauren consistently eats at dinner. That might change after last night.

Lauren was eating well but then got a strange look on her face and had her fingers by her nose. Mommy intuition kicked in: this child just put some veggies up her nose. I'm not sure if this is nose-veggie protocol, but I put my fingers on the bridge of the nose, hoping that would keep the pea or the corn kernel from traveling any further north. Thankfully, Lauren then ejected the pea on her own with a powerful blow (sorry, this is so gross).

We talked about why you don't put anything in your nose, though I'm not totally convinced she won't try it again. Her actions might be powered by heredity; one of my first memories is when I put a Vitamin C pill in my nose.

Let's face it: those things are gross (at least they were in 1983), and I completely recall thinking "I do not want to eat this. I'm going to put it in my nose."

Apparently there was another object-in-my-nose incident that landed me in the ER, so says my mom. Maybe that's why I knew so quickly yesterday what Lauren's strange behavior at the table was. Here's hoping she doesn't take after me with a trip to the hospital. At least I won't be surprised!

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