Chores for Children

Do you have your kids do chores?

With school getting out for the summer, my husband and I decided it was a good time to get our five-year-old doing some daily chores. Lauren is pretty good at following directions and loves to feel like a big kid. Honestly, she thinks she is a grown up and prefers to do most things herself (which is a far cry from our two-year-old who loves to pout and say “mommy do it”).

So, we’ve started simple: feeding the dog and watering the vegetables each morning. Dixie always lets us know if she needs to be fed (or sometimes pretend she has not eaten yet to try to get a second serving), but the plants are a little less vocal. So my husband created small cards for Lauren to flip from red to green, showing her chore had been completed. When we see green, we know the chore is done. Pretty simple and effective!

What chores do you have your kids do?

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