Funny How Toddler Minds Work

Lauren will turn two soon, but she's already showing some signs of the "terrible twos" with seriously silly temper tantrums that come out of left field. Somebody please tell me that if she's starting this before age two, can she finish it before age three?

Honestly, it's not that bad, and it does provide a glimpse into the way her young, but quickly developing brain works. Yesterday was a prime example. I had just redirected her from being really upset that her afternoon snack was going to come in a bowl (she prefers to hold the entire bag of Goldfish), she was admiring her sticker collection. She came across some stickers she got at her friend's birthday party of the weekend. This is what she said: "Sticker. Birthday. Cake! Cake! Cake!" Then she started crying because there was no cake available (not that I would have given her any anyway).

Any great stories of the funny connections your kids make? And seriously, can anyone answer my aforementioned question about the terrible twos? Fingers crossed...

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