Outgrowing Maternity Clothes

Feb 1, 2010

I really hope it warms up soon. Not only do I prefer warmer air to the below normal temperatures we have been experiencing, I am getting a little concerned about my winter weather gear and how it fits. In short, my maternity winter coat is getting tight. The buttons are feeling the stress!

If you've ever gone shopping for maternity clothes, you already know it says on many of the tags to "buy your pre-pregnancy size." I think the tag should also say "expect this not to fit in your third trimester." To be clear, it's only a fraction of my maternity clothes that are now too tight to wear. However, it just seems odd to me that the clothes manufactured and sold to women who are growing significantly in the belly area would not grow all the way with them.

It's also worth noting that when the doctor measures my stomach at each visit, I'm right on target. So, it must not just be me.

I remember one of the very first things my mom told me after we shared the news that I was pregnant was not to worry about clothing sizes. Apparently, one of my sisters was shocked at the size of a shirt my mom bought her early in her pregnancy. My explained to me, as she did to my sister, that you're going to outgrow some of your maternity clothes. Sure enough, what seemed like a huge size to my sister ended up fitting in her third trimester. Now that I'm in that magical last trimester as well, I know how she feels.

So if I mysteriously don't have my winter coat on during an outside portion of the morning show sometime soon, it's probably because one of the stressed out buttons finally quit hanging on.

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