The Magic Of Music

This article, entitled "The Magic of Music," comes from Heather King, MomsEveryday blogger from Eastern Carolina.

Ever need something to snap your little one out of a funk? Try a little music.

Baby Kate is not a huge fan of having her diaper changed. She's 13 months old,walking and feeling very independent. Sometimes we successfully pull off the standing diaper change, but of course, not all diaper changes are created equal.

This morning, I plopped her on the table to get her a fresh diaper, and sure enough, she was not too happy about it. So I started singing the first song that came to my head: Itsy Bitsy Spider. Well, apparently I've tried that trick too many times with Kate; it did nothing to calm her down. The next song that came into my head was that oldies tune "Get A Job." I tried to be ridiculous about the high parts and the low parts of the song, and apparently that worked. Baby Kate stopped crying, started smiling, and I continued in my ridiculous crooning ways.

I love introducing music to help make the kids happy or just make a boring situation fun. Dinner is a prime time for this. I use the Pandora app on my phone to find great kids music. I just type in "Disney" or "Dora," and music my kids will love usually comes on. I also have a few great CDs that we love, including the music of Laurie Berkner and Trout Fishing in America.

Lauren, who is almost four, when she finishes her vegetables and is waiting for her dessert (fruit), has gotten in the habit of asking if she take a "break dance" from the table. I think she actually means a "dance break," but I think her usage of the term "break dance" is pretty hilarious. And Kate loves to watch her big sister gallop around the room. And so do I!

Do you have any music you love to share with your kids or use to improve a boring or crabby moment?

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