The Dangers Of Over-Parenting

Jun 20, 2011

If you caught the 8 o'clock half hour of the Today Show this morning, perhaps you watched intently as I did the segment called "How To Land Your Child In Therapy." The segment was about how parents today, in an attempt to spare their children from negative feelings may actually be ensuring an unhappy adulthood. The segment featured Lori Gottlieb, who wrote an article for The Atlantic on this issue, along with parenting expert Wendy Mogul.

The two spoke with Matt Lauer about how parents are so quick to try to protect their children from regret, rejection, jealousy, disappointment and the like that they are actually doing a disservice to their children, since these feeling are all a real part of life.

What do you think about this idea--is there such a thing as overparenting, and what does it look like? Do you curb the instinct to always rescue your child from little disappointments?

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Heather King
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