The Nursery Is Painted....What Next?

Dec 14, 2009

This weekend, Chris and I picked out the perfect shade of green to paint our baby's nursery and painted it from floor to ceiling. It looks great! However, the decorating of the room is just getting started.

Since we've decided not to find out whether we are having a boy or a girl, that certainly limits our decorating before the baby arrives. However, something tells me we'll have our hands full once the little one gets here, so it's my hope that we can do some more decorating in the meantime that will serve either a boy or a girl.

One of the cutest things I have seen in a nursery is what my friend Abby in Chicago did. She and her husband found a huge decal in the shape of a tree (similar to a silhouette) and put it on the baby's wall. They said it took a good three hours to put on perfectly, but it turned out really well.

My sister Beth had a very clever idea as well. She is married to a rock critic, so they framed some colorful, child-like record album covers (that's record, as in the kind you play with a needle).

I'd really like to buy the wooden letters that spell out the baby's name and hang them on the wall. They are about six inches long and make such a cute touch to a nursery. That will be a purchase for after the baby's arrival.

What are your favorite nursery decorating ideas? You can even send pictures to my email,

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