The Trouble With Teething

Aug 16, 2010

We call it the "bubble beard" when a patch of saliva bubbles forms on Lauren's chin. All the drooling, the constant sucking on her fist and tiny firm grooves in her gums make us think the little one is teething. Friends have told me about some of the bizarre side effect teething seems to have on their kids. I say bizarre because what happens in concert with the cutting of a new tooth doesn't have anything to do with a tooth coming through the gums.

Lauren is a little more than four months old. Some babies start teething this early, but experts say the process starts later for many children.

There are many things to try to help babies soothe their angry gums. My sister suggested a damp washcloth. There is a special giraffe teething toy that many moms recommend. I've heard frozen bagels are awesome. So far, Lauren seems to be getting the most relief from the good old-fashioned teething ring that we keep either frozen or very cold.

Do you have any suggestions for helping teething babies? How did it go for your kids?

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Heather King
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