The Same Old Story

Bedtime is a bittersweet time each night. I love sitting in the rocking chair in Lauren's room, seeing my husband and Lauren leaning up against a pillow and reading one of her bedtime stories. That's the sweet part. The bitter part is on Lauren's behalf when she senses we are moving from book time to prayer and lullabye time, which she well knows is the last stop before bedtime. She can come up with some pretty impressive delay tactics....needing water, needing to check each door (for what, I do not know), or some object is not quite in the right place in her room.

Delay tactics aside, what's really interesting to us is how Lauren always wants to hear the same books at bedtime, every night. For a solid two weeks, she requested "Go Dog, Go" from me and "The Little Engine That Could" from Chris. I thought it was weird to be giving her the same story every night, so I started introducing a third book. The only rule was the third book had to be something we had not read before (or at least not recently).

Then I did a little reading myself and found that a toddler wanting to hear the same book every single night is not weird at all, but quite normal. According to, "Re-reading helps your 2-year-old connect the words he hears with the pictures he sees. This is an important kind of pre-reading that will be a useful skill in a few years when he learns to read. Hearing the same sentences again and again helps him decode grammar. Your child also gets a rush of confidence when you turn the page and he sees the expected next part of the story: 'Yes! I knew that was going to happen!'"

Do you have de ja vu each night at story time?

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