Clumsy Mama

I am close to officially beginning my third trimester of my second pregnancy, and one of my least favorite symptoms has finally reared its ugly head again: clumsiness.

In the last few days, I've almost fallen down some stairs twice (once while holding my daughter), dropped a gallon of milk, spilled my giant glass of water in the direction of my computer (note to boss: I cleaned it up is ok) and just have been stumbling and bumbling around in general.

Clumsiness is one of the many strange pregnancy symptoms expectant mothers must endure. I can only assume the purpose of such silliness is to subtly remind us that life as we know it is about to change. While I think about the baby on the way all the time, I will soon be caring for the baby in my arms round the clock....along with my toddler, Lauren. I suddenly feel like I need to sprout extra arms! But since that is not likely, I am looking to invest in a really good baby carrier so I can wear the baby around.

Another concern is that the fumbling isn't only physical. It's mental, too. It's never fun to find yourself searching for the right, um, er, word, when you're on live television. Thankfully, Jim never lets me hang out to dry and saves me when necessary. Thank goodness for kind co-workers!

Are there any crazy pregnancy symptoms you would like to talk about?

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