Things That Go Bump in the Night

My guess climbing out of the crib is a rite of passage for most kids and their parents. Lauren, now 26 months old, was so upset about being in bed Friday night, that she decided to get out of the crib.

We have (and love) a video baby monitor, so we can always see what Lauren is up to in her crib. We have it mounted on the wall so it looks directly down into her crib; you can't see anything else in the room. She was having a tough time settling down, and I heard her door open on her monitor and assumed my husband had gone into comfort her (I had already turned in for the night, fighting a cold). I looked on the monitor; her crib was empty, so Chris must have picked her up, or so I thought. A few seconds later, I heard the knob on my door opening. The door opened, but I saw nothing. It's only when I sat up in bed that I could see the top of Lauren's head by the door. "Lauren?" I asked. "Mommy, mommy!" she called out to me. I have no idea what I said next, but I know I swiftly picked her up and returned her to her crib. It didn't take long for the sobbing toddler to jump out of her crib again, and she was met by me in the hallway. Back to bed again. She continued to cry, but it soon stopped. I looked at the monitor and cringed as I saw her jump out of the crib yet again. This time, however, her door never opened. I could hear her talking to herself, saying "I jumped out of the crib! I go boom!" Clearly, she wasn't injured. She also wasn't in her crib. I debated--do I go in there and put her back, or let this play out? I decided to let it play out. After it had been quiet in there for a while, I decided to sneak in for a peek.

I scanned the floor of Lauren's room but couldn't find her. She had not climbed back into her crib, but I didn't see her anywhere. Had she somehow left the room without me knowing? No, she wasn't on the floor, but just a few inches above it. Lauren had taken all of her blankets and snugglies from her crib and put herself to bed on the bottom shelf of her diaper-changing table. I don't know about your changing table, but ours has pretty flimsy particleboard for the bottom two shelves (the one where the diaper changing occurs is obviously more substantial). That bottom shelf now has a nice bend in it from being under the weight of my toddler all night.

So, what next? One of the first questions I've gotten is whether we are going to put Lauren in her big girl bed. Well, not yet. In my opinion, one night does not equal a new trend. So the following day, after she leaped out when she was going down for her nap, we had a little talk. I told her that if she could stay in her bed like a big girl for her entire nap, we could go to the pool afterwards. It worked. Before she went to bed Saturday night, Chris told Lauren we would have breakfast on the porch in the morning if she could stay in bed all night. Sunday night, we didn't offer her any treats for staying in bed, but we did give her all sorts of praise during the day for doing a good job the night before. Here's hoping she stays in bed from now on!

Want to share your experiences of your kids jumping out of the crib?

In other news, Lauren called me by my first name twice this weekend. I was stunned! A couple of people posted on my Facebook page that when this started happening at their house, they only called their spouse "Mommy" or "Daddy" so the child would keep calling them by the appropriate name. Anyone else experience this?

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