Kids and Cursing

It's one thing that we're hearing more curse words on prime time television; it's another thing when your kids hear it, too.

My daughter started becoming a bit of a parrot a few months ago and loves to repeat what you say. Of course when that started happening, my husband and I gave each other the look that said, "better watch what we say all the time now." As a parent, you're hopeful that other adults mind their manners and refrain from cursing when they're around your children. Sadly, that doesn't always happen.

More upsetting, I think, is how much more prevalent cursing has become in society. It's everywhere. On the Today Show this morning, they reported that a bleeped out "F word" appeared in prime time television 276 times in 2010. In 2005, that number was eleven. Wow.

I know I was horrified by the Cee Lo song that's all about the "F word." It's a catchy song, but I wish it would have started out as "Forget You," instead of the censored version we heard on the radio for quite some time.

Lucky for us, Lauren goes to bed so early she's not even close to being exposed to curse words or bleeped out ones on prime time TV. Also, at the urging of our pediatrician, since she's not two yet, her television time is incredibly limited to almost none at all.

So, what do you do when your little one hears a curse word you'd rather they not repeat? One expert suggests, don't make a big deal out of it. You may wish to say something like, "Polite people don't use that word." After that, move on. As all of us parents learned early, when you make a big deal out of something, kids remember it and are more likely to bring it up. For instance, Lauren knows she gets in trouble when she climbs on top of the back of the couch (and risks falling off on to the floor). She often points out where her timeouts are and says, "Climbing on couch." She remembers the "big deals" and talks about them often.

Of course, parents have to set their own good example for their children, no matter what the age.

Any thoughts on this topic? And please, keep it clean. :)

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