Pacifier, Buh-Bye

Well, we did it. We started weaning Lauren from her pacifier. Our twenty-five month old daughter was only using her pacifier at bedtime and naptime (but only for naps at home, not at daycare). On Sunday, I mentioned to my husband that maybe we should take Lauren's pacifiers away over Memorial Day Weekend. He said, "Why not today?"

So before we knew it, we were cutting small holes into the tops of all her pacifiers. We decided to go the cutting route because Lauren would replace her pacifier all night long. I worried that in her desperate half-asleep search for pacifiers in the middle of the night, she wouldn't remember that she had given the pacifiers away, or that a pacifier fairy had come to get them. I don't know if Lauren really understands the concept of a fairy. Then again, she understands a lot more than I ever thought possible at this age!

At bedtime Sunday night, Lauren put the pacifier in and quickly pulled it out with a confused look. "Bubba's broken," she told me with big eyes. "Bubba" is her word for pacifier. I looked at it and confirmed her observation with surprise. I hate lying to my child, but that's a topic for another day.

When she got into bed, she was surprised to find that the other pacifiers sprinkled in her bed were also "broken." I told her that it was ok since she was such a big girl, she didn't really need her pacifier. Plus, she has her special blanket and special snugglies...she's all set! She went to bed without much problem and fell asleep.

However....much later on, around 3 am, my husband told me Lauren started howling for him to come "wrap you up!" Translation: tuck me in with my blanket. That happened again at 4 am and 5 am. Of course he honored her request.

Monday night, Lauren remembered her pacifiers were broken but was clinging to me for dear life when it was time to go in her crib. Even though she was not asking for her pacifiers, I truly think the lack of the pacifier was making it harder for her to relax and settle into her bedtime routine. She eventually went to bed and fell asleep. However....much later on, around 4:30 am, she cried for my husband to come "wrap you up" again, a cry that repeated at 5 am and 5:30 am.

Tuesday night, she had a couple of those "wrap you up" requests, but they were both before midnight. In the morning, my husband found her in her crib, happy, wrapping up her baby doll with her blanket. I'm happy to see she's sharing the love!

So, hopefully we'll have only a few more nights of the "wrap you up" requests, so that it doesn't become a nightly ritual and/or expectation.

In case you are wondering, there are four pacifiers left in the house right now, carefully hidden away. I am guessing the worst is over and that I can kiss all the bubbas bye-bye.

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Heather King
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