Stay Safe On The Slide

We took Lauren to one of our favorite parks in Greenville a few months back and met an adorable little girl with one unusual accessory: a cast on her leg. How did a child who could be no more than three years old come to need a big cast? She recently was injured at the very park we were all at for the party, on the twisty slide.

She was going down the slide on an adult's lap, and her shoe got stuck. Both the child and the adult kept going down, resulting in the painful injury.

You can actually watch a video of how this happens on YouTube.

She was moving around really well, considering her cast, but obviously her parents wished she wasn't going through the ordeal.

A recent New York Times article on this common but serious playground issue offered this advice: "This may be one of those counterintuitive cases when a child is safer by himself. If a foot gets caught while the child is sliding alone, he can just stop moving or twist around until it comes free. But when a child is sitting in an adult's lap, the force of the adult’s weight behind him ends up breaking his leg."

The little girl at the park sufficiently freaked this mommy out to steer clear of the twisty slide for now. Lauren, who can sometimes be cautious, has not been interested in going down that one, yet.

I hope you share this with others who have or care for small children to keep their little legs safe!

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