Cell Phoney

Joanie Maloney is the most excited kid on the planet…because she’s getting a mobile phone!

We want Joanie Maloney (and every child) to learn how to use a mobile phone responsibly, and avoid becoming…a cell phoney!!!

Cell Phoney Prevention Tips

Cell phones have drastically impacted the way that people communicate. They also offer unlimited access to the world that we live in. It is important to establish age-appropriate boundaries for your child when it comes to using a cell phone. Here are a few tips.

  • Ask yourself “Does my child “need” a cell phone, or do they just “want” one?
  • Make sure you set a good cell phone user example for your child. (You cannot expect your child to not text and drive if they see you do it etc.)
  • For younger children: Avoid phones with texting or IM capabilities. Program in all names and numbers that are important for your child to know. Discourage your child from answering numbers that he/she does not recognize. Thoroughly discuss how, when, and why the phone should be used.
  • For older children: Reinforce the how, when and why the phone should be used. Always expect your child to answer calls from you. Make sure the phone is turned off at night. Strongly discourage cell phone use during meal time and other family together times. Purchase the texting plan that works best for your family. Monitor your child’s text messages, phone calls, and times of usage. Have your child review your cell phone bill with you. Discuss and strongly discourage cyberbullying, sexting, texting/talking while driving, and other inappropriate cell phone behaviors. Establish and enforce realistic consequences for improper cell phone use.
  • Remember the cell phone is never the cause of the problem…it’s the person using the cell phone that causes the problem.

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Julia Cook is an award-winning children’s book author and parenting expert.

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