Asking for Help - I Just Want to Do It My Way

This article, entitled I Just Want to Do It My Way, comes from children's author Julia Cook.

R.J. is having trouble staying focused and finishing tasks. R.J. like to do everything his way — and he hasn’t been successful asking questions about things he doesn’t understand. Plus, Norma (the booger picker) and Rodney (the alphabet burper) are huge distractions!

R.J.’s mom and dad give him several helpful strategies and help R.J. realize that getting tasks done doesn’t take a long if you do it right the first time and you finish what you start (even if it’s not always fun).


Asking for Help

  • Explain to your child that it is OK to ask for help. Asking for help shows that YOU are being responsible for yourself.
  • Make sure your child understands what it means to "get help." Getting help doesn't mean the other person "does it for you." It means the person "shows you how to do it."
  • Discuss with your child who and who not to go to when asking for help in various situations.
  • Explain to your child that there are good times to ask for help in various situations, depending on the situation.
  • Role-play scenarios that teach your child how to decide what kind of help is needed, who should be asked, when to ask and what should be said. When learning HOW to ask for help, practice can make a big difference!

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Julia Cook
Julia Cook is an award-winning children’s book author and parenting expert.

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