Are you prepared for a disaster?

I’m not referring to a Natural Disaster, per se, rather a financial one.

I’ve heard people say that a financially stable person has six months’ salary saved for a rainy day. I wish I were that kind of person.

The day wasn’t rainy, but it was certainly wet.

I woke up on Memorial Day, not to the sound of my alarm, but to a sound I couldn’t identify. I walked around looking for the source, to no avail. After making coffee and loading the dishwasher, I went downstairs to boot up my computer. Not only was the sound louder, but the carpet was soaked.

I quickly discovered the source – busted water heater. Inches of standing water in my laundry room and soaked carpet everywhere else. So I turned the water to the house completely off and set to cleaning up the mess while on the phone with the insurance company.

Several hours of cleaning later, my husband and I decided it would probably be less expensive to stay in a hotel than pay holiday rates to have the damage fixed.

The following day, we called the guys at A & D Plumbing to fix the water heater. It was fixable, but not recommended based on its age. The last thing I was interested in was having the bottom rust out, thus starting this process all over again.

Our best option was to replace the whole unit. That plus our homeowner’s insurance deductible and I’m scared to death of anything else happening. Until we recover from this disaster, I can only hope nothing around here breaks.

I am thankful for the financial resources I had and I vow to be more prepared, effective immediately.

P.S. - The day after I wrote this, my the fan motor in my air conditioner's condenser unit went out. Ouch.

The bright side here? Notice my ironing board. It's rusted and smells bad now. No more ironing!!
Those are my foot prints in the wet carpet. Yuck!!

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Karie Bradley
Karie Bradley is the Content Director for MomsEveryday. She lives in Wichita, Kansas with her husband Ben and their two sons Dylan and Logan.

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