Winter Break Woes

Whose idea was it to give the kids two and a half weeks off for the holidays this year? Spanning and including three weekends, their break comes to a total of 18 days.

I’m thinking RedBox must have offered the school district some incentives. By the time their break is over, I’ll likely have spent a whopping forty-five bucks on dollar-a-day movie rentals.

Here comes the qualifier – I love spending time with them, but 18 solid days is a bit much. Especially since I work from home.


Day 4: The boys decided to help themselves to an entire box of those cookies with that thick frosting on top. Then they broke into their dad’s stash of Mt. Dew White Out. They resembled a bucketful of bouncy balls poured out on a wood floor.

And speaking of their dad and his over-caffeinated beverages…doesn’t he need interns at work right about now? Surely he’s short-staffed with holiday vacations! Put ‘em to work! They’ve got enough sugar and caffeine in their systems to accomplish anything! (Except picking up after themselves, sorry.)

Day 5: I decided to go to work early so I could take them to a matinee. The little one insisted on Peanut M&Ms instead of regular M&Ms. He’s convinced he doesn’t need help opening the bag, which results in a handful of M&Ms flying through the theater. Sorry lady in front of us, hope no chocolates hit you in the head. About a minute later, he hands me the bag and says he doesn’t like them. Why? He didn’t realize they had peanuts in them. Sigh.

Day 8: Christmas Eve. LONGEST DAY EVER. How do you keep them entertained? Will Christmas EVER get here?

Day 9: Christmas Day. SHORTEST DAY EVER. But we had a blast! Can you believe the break is already half over?

Day 11: They got new toys, new games and they’re spending the day trying to rupture my ear drums with Lego Rock Band, a game they’ve had for years but somehow forgot about during all those days of “I’m bored!” They’ll be home for another whole week?

They won’t be little forever. I’ll miss this age when they get older. They’re just trying to have a good time.

I usually get help during their long breaks from school. (Maybe it’s not the psychiatric help or the cleaning crew I’ll need by the time school resumes...) The grandmas usually take the kids for a couple of days to let them wreck their houses, burst their ear drums…but not this year. We just couldn’t work out our schedules.

It really hasn’t been THAT bad. My usually-clean house is intolerably messy right now, but I’ll survive it. After all, they do seem to be having a wonderful time.

P.S. I’m ranting here, not at them. Everyone needs an outlet, right?

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Karie Bradley
Karie Bradley is the Content Director for MomsEveryday. She lives in Wichita, Kansas with her husband Ben and their two sons Dylan and Logan.

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