Rock Star Nails

Boys are fairly easy to care for. No hair bows, no fussy outfits and most of their toys are timeless - building blocks, super heroes and weapons.

My chief complaint involves their general inability to keep anything clean, especially their bathroom.

To top things off, I'm not what you'd call a "girly-girl," so sons are an excellent fit for me. The most girly thing I do is change my nail color on a weekly basis. For a while now, however, my 7-year-old has wanted to participate in my Sunday evening ritual.

"I wish you could paint my toenails," he says.

While I have no real reason to deny his request, I have never given in. It's just paint, right? Just a color on an otherwise blank canvas. And he's 7. His toes are usually covered by socks and shoes anyway. Why couldn't I bring myself to paint his toenails?

Recently he told me, "I wish I was a girl." When I carefully asked him why, he said it was just because he wanted to be able to wear toenail polish. That did it. I'm not about to induce my son's gender identity crisis over something as insignificant as paint.

We went out and bought him a bottle in dark blue and painted his toenails. And they looked weird. When people comment, we tell them he has "Rock Star Nails."

This week: Black Glitter Polish. And it Rocks.

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Karie Bradley
Karie Bradley is the Content Director for MomsEveryday. She lives in Wichita, Kansas with her husband Ben and their two sons Dylan and Logan.

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