Stop Doing That: Grouchy Mommy Edition

Adding to the list of things children shouldn't do, especially during the time of year when mommy is preparing for guests-a-plenty and Santa is watching...

1. Leaving Mom's Car Door Open Overnight - Mom's car was manufactured BEFORE mom was old enough to get her driver's license. Failing to properly close doors and/or turn off dome lights results in something called a dead battery. No, double-As won't fix it.

2. Leaving Workout Equipment All Over the Floor - Those are not your weights. They're my weights. When you get them out, which you weren't supposed to do in the first place, the last thing I want you to do is leave them right in front of the washer and dryer. Mom cannot see the floor beneath her when carrying a basket of laundry and stubs her toes. Not funny, painful.

3. Not Putting DVDs/Blu-Rays Away After You've Watched Them - Considering the fact that you know how to turn the TV on, switch the input to the proper setting, make the necessary adjustments to the sound receiver, insert the disc and navigate through the disc menu to get the movie to play (I can only complete the last two steps myself due to the complicated setup we have), then I would think you can manage putting the disc back in the box and back on the shelf in alphabetical order when you're done. Judging by the stacks of movie boxes on the floor, however...

4. Treating the Floor Like a Trash Can - You know those little nearly-invisible wrappers around drink pouch straws? I can see them. On the floor. The little dollop of glue that holds the straw to the drink pouch is strong enough to hold the wrapper to the tile when I sweep the kitchen. Is it really so hard to walk two steps to the trash can and deposit these straw wrappers in the proper receptacle?

5. Making a Mess With Packing Supplies - Yes. It's almost Christmas. Hence the list, hence the boxes arriving on our doorstep in frequent succession. I don't care how cool Styrofoam molds are, they were never intended to be platforms for your Star Wars dudes. Here's what happens: The Styrofoam-turned-Hoth platform is cool for the first five minutes. Then it gets stepped on. Then, like on Hoth, there's "snow" everywhere. Crumbled Styrofoam clogs the vacuum. I have to dismantle the vacuum to unclog it. This does not put me in the holiday giving spirit.

In conclusion, if you could simply keep these things in mind, we'll all be happier. Because when mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy, right?

About the Author...
Karie Bradley
Karie Bradley is the Content Director for MomsEveryday. She lives in Wichita, Kansas with her husband Ben and their two sons Dylan and Logan.

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