My Son is a Pirate

This article, entitled "My Son is a Pirate," comes from Kathy Bedford, MomsEveryday blogger from Northwest Florida.

How many parents can claim their son is a Pirate? At the age of 19? Arrrgh..I’m one of them!!

Our youngest went searching for a summer job and landed his dream job aboard a pirate ship here in Panama City Beach. Every day he gets to dress the part which includes sporting a 3-pointed hat and walking about the ship deck in authentic pirate boots. An added bonus is him climbing the ship’s mast to look out over the seas and being able to speak “Pirate” all day long. What drama-loving person could ask for more!!

Summer is the best time of all to enjoy “the good life” and create family memories that last a lifetime. Cooking out on the barbecue, swimming in the back yard or simply buying a slip and slide and making frozen juice pops in your freezer all make for exciting times. Note to self: stick with the pool vs. the slip and slide if you are over the age of 30 and prone to twisting your ankles. Leave the slip and slides to the “younger” professionals.

Summer is also a great time to visit extended family. We just returned from a trip to New York State where we celebrated a family “engaged to be married” celebration and the baptism of the first “great grandchild” to be born into the family. I remember a few years ago I sat next to my Mother at their 60th wedding anniversary celebration. So I took the opportunity to ask my Mom what was still on her “bucket list” of things she’d like to see or do while still in good health. Without blinking an eye she replied, “I want to hold my great grandchild”.

Wow! I didn’t see that one coming – and I have to admit, I hoped she wasn’t looking at me for that! Our boys were still in school!! Lo and behold her wish was granted just this year when her first born grandson was blessed with a son of his own. There is nothing more satisfying on this earth than celebrating the growth of your family and commemorating a continuing family legacy.

Seeing the next generation come into their own is quite eye opening too! I met “young men and women” at my nieces Engagement Party whom I hadn’t seen in years. They were married with children, yet all I could recall was them standing about 3 feet tall with a fishing pole in their hands! Where does the time go?

It was also a joy spending time with my 2 sisters and their husbands and visiting an Amish Auction. Growing up we had always imagined what our husbands would be like, and there we were, all six of us riding in a van and married to the men we had dreamed of all those years ago. Spending time with the Amish was humbling too. They were raising money to build fresh water wells in Haiti. Items from homemade jam to chicken coops to Amish buggies were up for auction, and all for a wonderful cause.

I had the pleasure of conversing with a blonde haired, blue-eyed 6 year old, as he sat in the driver’s seat of an Amish buggy that was up for Auction. He was so excited telling me about the features of the buggy.

“Look at this!” he exclaimed. “There’s a clock in here that tells you the time!

“How do you steer the buggy?” I asked.

“With the horse reigns,” he replied, rolling he eyes (because everybody knows that…)

“Where do the horse reigns go?”

“Right here!” He proceeded to open up the front windows for me, as well as explain that the circular “brake” on the floor stopped the steel wheels of the buggy (the Amish do not use rubber tires).

“Once you put on the brakes the wheels lock up and the horses can’t pull the buggy” the boy explained.

What a delight it was, seeing this buggy through his eyes. He was so excited, the way we get when we look at a new car and see all its features. “I wish I owned this buggy,” he said smiling.

You don’t have to have a swimming pool in your back yard, or travel out of state this summer in order to make memories with your family. Just a little creative imagination is all that’s needed. What memories will you make with your family today? Today’s adventure is soon to become tomorrow’s warm memory. Enjoy every moment.

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