Everybody Needs a Twin

I knew my life would change the moment I found out I was having twins. It was easy to lie in my bed at night and envision the double amounts of everything that would soon be overtaking our household---two cribs, two high chairs, a double stroller, double the amount of diapers, double the amount of crying, and so on. I didn’t know if I was ready for it all, but I knew I was up for the challenge! However I don’t think anybody could have prepared me for the “double amount of love” that I soon would be privileged enough to witness between two individuals. A love that is so powerful and so deep that it has taken me a little bit by surprise. And I feel very blessed and honored to be able to witness and be a part of this love every day.

I myself have a brother and a sister whom I love dearly, but there is something different, special and unspoken about the love between twins. My twin boys, who are now 3 ½ years old, are truly the best of friends. They do absolutely everything together…and, of course, they have since before they were born! I love listening to their conversations. Many people ask me if they ‘twin talk’ to each other. I wouldn’t say that they have their own special language that nobody else understands, but rather, it’s like having someone around you all the time who just “gets it”…someone who you don’t have to explain absolutely everything to. He just understands. He gets it.

My boys are best friends, yes, but truth-be-told, they are also rivals when the opportunity presents itself! They love to race. Everything is a competition. Who can run the fastest? Who can bike the fastest? Who is the biggest? Who is the tallest? (although they are exactly the same height and only a pound apart in weight!) Who can eat their veggies first so he can have a cookie?! I think it’s good to always have someone to always keep you on your toes! Someone who pushes you to do better!

I admit, now that my boys are a little older and can play together, it’s a little easier to let them entertain each other so I can get some tasks done around the house. My mom says it’s like they have a “built-in playmate!” So true. In fact, just this morning I was able to do some vacuuming while they played with their Hot Wheels cars together in their bedroom, and they didn’t even notice I had left the room! I thought about how things would have been different if I had only had one baby. I have two older kids who are in school, so the 3rd child wouldn’t have had another sibling at home to play with during the day. It is so nice that my twins have each other to ride bikes with, play cars and trains with, wrestle with, etc. Yes, if I had only had one baby, Mommy would be doing much more of this I’m sure! But this bond between twins is different. It’s stronger than any bond I’ve ever witnessed before. It’s still good to play with Mommy of course, but not quite the same.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my twins became hospitalized for 2 days with pneumonia. Of course it was scary for us all, but I was again reminded of just how strong that bond between my boys is. This was the first time (EVER!) in their lives that they were separated. Up to that day, they have never been apart. Never spent a night away from each other. I think this was the most traumatic part of the whole experience for them. They share a bedroom, so the twin who was left at home refused to sleep in his room alone…which I completely understand. He ended up sleeping in my older son’s room each night. And Mommy stayed at the hospital every night with the other…together in the same, narrow, uncomfortable twin-size hospital bed! (oh, the things you do for your kids!) Every day my twins called each other on the phone and said, “I miss you,” “I love you,” and “when are you coming home?” It was the most precious thing I have ever heard. It made my heart ache for them both. Again, it was a testament to just how strong that love is.

And I will never forget when we were given the all-clear from the doctors and discharged from the hospital. We walked in the door to the house and my boys gave each other a great big bear hug and said, “I missed you.” “I missed you, too.” “Now let’s go play cars.”

I think everybody needs a twin. :)

About the Author...
Katie Kuenkel
Katie and her husband are proud parents of four busy kids (including twins!) and one mischievous puppy. In her free time, Katie enjoys waterskiing, basketball, boating, bowling, , photography, spending time with friends, and going to Daughtry concerts. ;)

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