Getting organized for the holidays

The holidays should be a time spent with family and friends, but with the number of tasks to do it can be a stressful time. I talked with MS Simplicity, a personal organizer, about how to get ready for a busy season.

  • Plan your meal. This starts with talking to your guests about what food they do want served, and see if there's anything you can prepare before the big dinner.

  • Chop and cut vegetables ahead of time. This will make less to do the day of an event, and keep your dishwasher clean of big products like a food processor.

  • Place post-it-notes in the dishes you will use for cooking and serving, this way if you need extra pans you know it ahead of time.

  • Grab items for snacks and breakfast to have if unexpected guests show up.

  • Have extra gifts on hand. If you forgot someone on your list having a some small items to wrap up quick.

  • Print your labels for Holiday Greeting cards now. Getting them done ahead of time will be less stressful when you are running to get them send on time.

Finally MS Simplicity reminded me by doing some of the little things now it will create more time with friends and family during this important time to be thankful.

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Kristi Larson

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