Changing Seasons

Fall is definitely in the air in Indiana. There's always something comforting about the predictability of the changing seasons. I love watching the leaves turn from their deep greens to fire-roasted red or pumpkin orange, cheering on our favorite football teams, making belly-warming pots of chili, and breaking out some of my favorite cozy sweaters. I also love that every fall, our little family takes a trip to a nearby apple orchard. It's a great way to spend an afternoon and support a local farm.

This week, Ted and I took Brody to Eberly's Apple Orchard in North Liberty. We love the down-to-earth vibe, the friendly farmer who's more than willing to share his stories, and all the delicious apples of course! It was fun to watch Brody's face light up every time he pulled an apple from a branch. He loved running up and down the tree lined rows and finding the perfect pieces of fruit. For under twenty bucks, we walked away with a half-bushel of apples and a huge jar of fresh honey. It's an inexpensive form of family entertainment, but the lasting memories from our apple picking excursions will always be priceless. Even though Brody is only three, it's fun to compare photos from year to year. He's gone from simply sitting under the apple trees, to plucking the fruit from low branches, to filling up his bag in no time flat! We ran into a woman who told us how she's been coming to this orchard for years and is now passing the tradition on to her grandson. I hope it's a tradition that we can continue with our own family.

Now that we have plenty of apples to snack on for a while, I'm looking for some new apple recipes. If you have any good ones, please pass them along. The aroma of apple-peach pie will linger in our home tonight. Man, I really do love fall!

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