Dreaded "M" Words

Recently, two "m" words have come into my life and I think the cringe-worthy culprits are good fodder for this week's blog. The two words I'm referring to are "mine" and "ma'am." Now, I know what you're thinking; there are plenty of words that are far, far worse than the two I'm talking about here. However, for the sake of argument, let me explain why I'm struggling with both words in the Uelk household.

As any parent with a toddler will tell you, the word "mine" somehow sneaks into your child's vocabulary. We've been teaching Brody about sharing and playing nice. He's been really good about the whole thing; so much so, I was pretty impressed with my little guy. Then, one day while playing with a buddy, I heard Brody utter the words..."No, that's mine!" Where had he even heard the "m" word? I'm not sure why I thought I would get through these formative years without hearing that word, but I was hopeful. Since that day, "mine" has been occasionally rearing its ugly head during play dates. When I hear it, I immediately have a talk about sharing with Brody, or if it gets really bad, it results in a timeout. I'm all for advice in this department. What worked for your family? After all, I want my little guy to grow into a giving adult.

I'll admit, my dislike of the word ma'am is for completely selfish reasons. I was totally caught off-guard this week when a young bagger at the grocery store asked "Do you need drive-up service, ma'am?" Granted, I did have my three-year old in tow and it was a ponytail kind of day...but ma'am..really? (Maybe I should be more concerned about the fact that he thought I wasn't able to walk to my car with my groceries.) Regardless, all I could think of, was one day I'm being carded and the next I'm being called ma'am! How did this happen? Don't get me wrong, I am all for having good manners: please, thank you, sitting up straight, elbows off the table....all big in my book. I know that 'ma'am' is the polite way to address a woman, still, I was pretty bummed out about the title. I also know that I am overreacting, but it just made me feel a bit old. I immediately came home and told my husband. He got a good laugh out of the whole thing and lovingly assured me that I was still hot and very "un-ma'am like" in his eyes. (Sigh of relief!)

Anyway, that's why I could do without hearing both "m" words for a while. What are your thoughts? I'm interested to find out some of the words or phrases that other moms have a hard time hearing. In the meantime, I've decided a couple things. I want to find a kid's book about sharing for Brody and the next time I go to the grocery store, I'm losing the ponytail! Bye for now.

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