Give it a "Tri"

It's always fun to embrace a new challenge. Recently, I got that challenge in the form of a triathlon. I love to run and I've always been a swimmer, but the thought of adding cycling to the mix and doing them all at once was a bit intimidating! Thankfully, I had some other amazing women to help keep me motivated. My mom and two of our friends also signed up for the tri. My mom has always been in killer shape, so I was happy to have her in my corner.

The triathlon consisted of a 1/2 mile swim, 11 mile bike, and 3 mile run. It was an all women's event, which was perfect for a beginner triathlete. We all cheered on each other from start to finish. It was really empowering to be surrounded by such strong, fierce women. There was a pregnant woman competing, and even a 75-year-old woman who crossed the finish line that day. Talk about an inspiration! Living that kind of healthy, active lifestyle into my golden years is certainly something I plan to strive for in the future. What really energized me though, was seeing my mom cross that finish line! As she gave a few victory fist pumps at the end, I couldn't help but feel lucky to have such an incredible example of a tenacious woman in my life.

Growing up, my parents always taught me to go out of my comfort zone, push myself , and strive for excellence. Those are things that I hope Ted and I can instill in Brody. The triathlon was a perfect example of how tackling a challenge can be both rewarding and fun. The four of us had so much fun with the triathlon, we all signed up for another one later this month!

I'd love to read about a challenge that you are tackling in your life. Send me a comment and maybe you'll be an inspiration to another person out there. I'm sure many of you have heard the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt, "Do one thing every day that scares you." I like that idea and think it's a great way to wrap things up this week!

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Kristina Uelk
Kristina Uelk is the host of MomsEveryday in Michiana.

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