Having a Ball

My little guy is officially growing up. I recently signed up Brody for indoor soccer lessons and this past week, he had his first practice. It's crazy for me to realize that he's already old enough to participate in a team sport. My pint sized athlete has shown an interest in baseball and golf, but now that Old Man Winter has temporarily limited our options, we decided to give indoor soccer a go!

I'm a sports fan, but I'll admit, I'm completely clueless about soccer. It'll be a learning experience for both of us. I knew three things when I signed Brody up for lessons. One, it will help him learn about teamwork and taking directions. Two, it's a great source of exercise during the cold winter months. Three, all that energy he burned would mean a nice nap after practice! (That's the mommy bonus.)

As we headed to his first practice, Brody was pumped to learn about his new sport. I gave him a quick rundown of the limited soccer facts I knew and told him that the coaches would fill in the blanks. The first practice went by in a jiffy. The kids learned how to duck walk, run with the ball, and played some 'Simon Says'. I have to give the two coaches credit. Handling 25 three and four-year-olds is no easy feat. All in all, Brody had a great time, was tuckered out, and is looking forward to more practices.

I know that parents have mixed opinions when it comes to kids and sports. What's your take on topic? Growing up, I always played a few sports. I feel like it's a great foundation for teaching some important life skills.

One of my friends pointed out that now, I am officially a soccer mom. I'm still not ready to trade in my car for a minivan, but I'm happy to cheer my little guy on during his new athletic adventure!

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