Once Upon a Time

There's something magical about the words "Once upon a time." It's always fun to imagine where a story is going to lead. At bedtime this week, Brody decided he wanted to read me a story instead of the other way around. In his sweetest three-year-old voice, he started with "Once upon a time." I listened as he tapped into his creative side and let his wild imagination take over. He made up his own stories to go along with the colorful illustrations in his favorite books. Whether I'm snuggling up to read to my little guy or pouring myself a glass of wine and cracking open a novel to unwind at night, there's always something comforting about losing myself in the pages of a good book.

As a kid, my parents made sure I read at least an hour a day during the summer months. Looking back, it's something that I'm grateful for in my adulthood. I love to go to the bookstore and peruse the aisles to see what I can dig into next. I always have a stack of books on my nightstand (some are old favorites and others are new reads) not far from reach. A recent favorite of mine is called "The Book of Awakening." It's beautifully written and I've really taken away a lot from the author's inspirational words.

I'm hoping to instill a love of reading in Brody. He isn't quite ready for the library just yet. (I found that out that hard way when he darted behind the circulation desk one too many times!) Back at home though, story time is always a big hit. There have been several times when I've gone up to Brody's room during his naps, only to find him asleep and surrounded by a mountain of books. I can't help but smile as I remove a book from his tiny fingers and put him back to bed. Some of my favorites to read to my little guy are "The Napping House,""How Do I Love You?,"" When You're Not Looking," and "The Giving Tree." I also love those recordable storybooks. Before my grandpa passed away last year, he put his voice to a story for Brody. Hearing his voice on those pages is something we will always treasure.

I'm always looking for my next book to read or a new, fun book to read to Brody. If you have any recommendations on some good books, let me know. In the meantime, here's hoping your day ends with a happily ever after! Bye for now.

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Kristina Uelk
Kristina Uelk is the host of MomsEveryday in Michiana.

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