Sweet Summertime

This is my first, full summer off as a stay-at-home mom with Brody and I must say, I'm having the time of my life with my little guy. Sure there are times when (like any normal mom) he drives me crazy, but overall, it has been amazing spending so much beautiful time outdoors with my energetic three year old. Brody really is the perfect age to explore and learn. It is so cute to see the awe on his face as experiences things for the first time.

Every summer we grow tomatoes in our mini garden. It has been an excellent lesson in patience for Brody. After explaining that we could only pick the tomatoes when they turn from green to red, he was finally able to snap the first pieces of fruit from the vine this week. You would have thought he won the lottery! He couldn't wait to show them off and take a bite. Seeing his ecstatic face made me realize how lucky I feel to be able to experience these little moments.

Another one of those moments came courtesy of a symbol of summer. We all remember chasing down the ice cream truck when we were kids. Well, in our neighborhood, there's a shaved ice truck that blasts tropical music as it drives down our street. We always dance like fools when it passes by our house. After seeing it several times, Ted and I decided to show Brody what it's all about. He had a great time picking out his flavors and ended up with a shaved ice mustache, a lei around his neck, and the biggest smile on his face!

Splashing around the pool, going blueberry picking, drawing masterpieces with sidewalk chalk, taking trips to the beach in Michigan....I already have these precious times filed away in my memory bank. I know that down the road as he grows and eventually turns into a busy teenager, his appreciation for these simple things will diminish. That's why I plan to take full advantage of his curiosity during this magical time in his life. What are some of the memorable moments you've had with your little ones this summer? I'd love to hear about them. I can't wait to see what the rest of our summer holds. Bye for now!

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Kristina Uelk
Kristina Uelk is the host of MomsEveryday in Michiana.

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