Fashion trends for fall and winter

Leslie Wagner

Let’s face it, trends change along with the season. And while some things are staples it’s fun to add some on-trend pieces to our wardrobe. The fact though that the trendy pieces are a bit expensive retail may make you think twice about adding them.

So I’ve made a list of some very on trend items for the upcoming seasons and I’ll take you along as I scour the thrift stores and clearance sales to see if we can find the pieces on the cheap but still look trendy.

• Fur or Faux Fur - One reoccurring theme I noticed on all the lists and magazines I looked over was fur. And this is probably one of the easiest to find while thrifting. It’s really easy to find either a fur coat if you really want to go all in or fur stoles are also pretty easy to find while out thrifting too. You could even add this in by getting some fur lined boots or maybe a fur hood on a jacket or vest.

• A midi skirt - A midi skirt is one that ends mid calf. Let’s face it this is also quite easy to find at the thrift store. They may be vintage as this style was also popular in the 80’s. I would also like to add that you shouldn’t be afraid to try a pattern. Since this is an on trend piece and the style and length of skirt will likely change with the season why not make it fun and funky.

• Sweaters and cardigans - Now it goes without saying if you live in a cold climate sweaters are your friend during the cold days of winter. But think outside the box when you are out sweater shopping. Think bedazzled, oversized (which is also good for layering), something with a faux turtleneck, or even cashmere if you can find it. Cardigans are also a safe bet for the winter months as well. They are great for layering too! Cardigans this season are long and cozy or a bit oversized. I have found some pretty awesome long cardigans at the thrift store recently. Some of them have been vintage but that doesn’t matter as they are back in style. This trend did carry over from last season so many people may have donated them after last season thinking the trend was over and surprise it wasn’t over.

• Sweater dresses - When I saw this one on the list I must admit I was a bit surprised. It doesn’t seem like that long ago it was on the list. So these should be relatively easy to find at the thrift store. After I saw them making the trend list for winter my next trip out I stopped by the thrift store and found a gray turtleneck Ann Taylor one for a whopping $1!! I bought it and have worn it a couple times already. Why did they make the list so soon again? My guess is they are insanely comfortable and quite warm and cozy, and they look great with leggings!

• Skinny jeans - Of course skinny jeans are on trend but they have also became a staple in many ladies wardrobes since they look great with boots and are very flattering for many different body types. But since they did make the trend list why not try a colored skinny jean? I recently got a pair of chartreuse jeans and they are absolutely one of my favorite pairs!

• Turtlenecks - Turtlenecks appear to be making a comeback this season. This is one of those trends you either love it or hate it. If you don’t like it or they aren’t flattering for you, please feel free to skip this one. When my daughters found out this had made the list they groaned about it. Meanwhile I was ecstatic because I freeze and welcome the extra layer. Now I say turtleneck but please realize this is an updated version of the one your elementary teacher wore all winter. The newer version is a bit more fitted and I have found that many of them have rouching. The rouching is pretty flattering for most body types.

• A Statement Coat - What exactly does a statement coat mean? Do be afraid to try something outside of your comfort zone. Maybe a different color or a different style. I recently found a red puffer coat. Not normally something I would wear with it being red and one of the longer puffer coats but I bought it, it was an awesome deal and I knew if I got it home and hated it I could sell it and make more than what I paid for it based on the name brand alone. But guess what I got it home and got it cleaned and tried it on the other day to wear it and I loved it! So warm and totally cute! So don’t be afraid to try different you may just love it!

• Leather or Faux Leather Jacket - Choose your style here friends! There are quite a few styles to choose from. I tend to go more towards the moto style but there are others including bomber style, which is also pretty popular. These are a bit harder to find at the thrift store but not impossible. I found a blue motorcycle style one from Forever 21 recently for $5. Yes it came home with me.

There are some trends as far as color and patterns. These can be used on any article of clothing or even an accessory. And can be incorporated into your wardrobe in small to large doses depending on how willing you are to try them. Some of them are:

• Sharkskin- This color is described as a dark grey.
• Aurora Red- This color is described as a deep burgundy red
• Warm taupe
• Spicy Mustard Yellow
• Riverside- Which is a brighter blue color
• Lush Meadow- This is a brighter green
• Brighter Purple
• Grey Plaid
• Tartan Plaid
• Pleats- especially pleated skirts

The Fall/Winter Trends as far as accessories go well with the idea of layering. Layering in the colder seasons is a must for many, especially those of us who live in colder climates. The trends for accessories are sometime a bit harder to find thrift store shopping since these trends are outnumbered by the volume of clothing that the thrift store receives. But don’t think it’s impossible! They are out there and sometimes may require a bit more digging through carts of the new items that are being pushed out during the day. Since the volume of accessories is lower it is almost a given that you need to be there when new items are pushed out to get the good stuff. Some of the easier ones to find at the thrift store would include:

• Large Statement jewelry pieces- These would include big rings and statement necklaces.
• Sparkly flats
• Blanket Scarf
• Opaque tights
• Hats- especially different types of Fedoras
• Top Handled Purses- These may also have the shoulder strap but a top handle should be included

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