Thrift store tips, part one

My ramblings here are going to be more on the side of the thrift shopping and fashion aspect though, it seems to be my specialty. I love “hunting” for good deals and bargains! Cheap is good but free is better! That’s kind of become my motto over the years. So I thought I’d share some tips, hints, and tricks that I have discovered over the years while out thrifting.

1) My all time most important tip is Have Fun!! If possible bring a friend who thinks thrifting is just as fun as you do. When thrifting its never a given that you will find what you’re looking for or even something you may want, so having fun is important. If you don’t have fun you won’t want to go back and do it again. Having a friend along will make it fun, you’ll have someone to show some of the tacky items to, and the laughter will ensue when you try it on. And the coffee (or tea) afterwards is always an added bonus!

2) It’s best to go in with somewhat of an idea of what you are looking for, especially if you are on time constraints. Seasons change and fashions change. Let’s say you need a red sweater for an upcoming event, well if you know that what you’re looking for you can bypass all the other colors and go straight for the red. Or if you know you wear a size small, you can bypass the extra large section. But this also comes with a caution because sometimes you may be looking for a specific item and skip over some really great items. If you have the time and money its best to look through things. I have found some pretty amazing things that I haven’t been looking for by going through racks. This brings me to my next point…

3) If you can, spend the extra time looking! It’s best to have some sort of game plan when you go in. My routine has always been to walk around the items, racks, and displays first, look for items that grab your attention. They are grabbing your attention for a reason. Remember that if it grabs your attention it will more than likely grab someone else’s and may not be there when you come back by. After doing a walk through its then best, if you have the time, to go back through the racks and displays thoroughly. Dig, as I call it, through the piles and the clothing. While digging through you are likely to find things as well. These things may not be attention grabbing pieces but maybe good layering pieces or good staple pieces

4) Always grab a shopping cart if the store has them! The best part of thrifting is finding a good bargain and you can’t find a good bargain if your hands and arms are full. Grabbing a cart also lets you put items in that you are thinking about or considering buying but haven’t decided for sure on yet. Like I said if something grabs your attention and you don’t grab it right away chances are it will be gone when you go back to get it. If you put it in your cart while you decide and you decide not to buy it it’s easier to put it back than have the regrets that you didn’t grab it when you saw it.

5) Make a list. Know everyone’s sizes that you are shopping for. If you’re shopping for children its best to know there current size as well as the next size they are likely to go into. In children sizes change like the seasons change so it's important to know. If whomever you’re shopping for is with you, including yourself, its best to try it on. Trying it on will help to make sure that you like the fit; it fits well, and is in good repair. Sometimes snags, holes, and tears may not be visible when it’s hanging on the hanger.

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Hey everyone out there who is reading this!  Just wanted to introduce myself a bit.  My name is Leslie, I’m a recently single mom to 3 teens ages 18, 16, and 15.  Life has been busy the last few months and I love it!  It’s actually been more of a whirlwind but making memories is a pretty great thing!  I love thrifting, fashion, clothing, accessories, shopping, makeup, and all things girly!