Holiday Baking on a Diet

Christmastime is a wonderful time to bake countless holiday treats for your friends, family and neighbors to enjoy. It can also be a time to put on a couple extra pounds after indulging in all of those delicious goodies, but you can still make mouth-watering holiday treats with less fat and fewer calories.

Lighten up your holiday baking by making some simple substitutions recommended by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

- When baking breads, cakes muffins and brownies, substitute an equal amount of applesauce, mashed bananas or dried plums for at least half the oil, butter or margarine.

- Use low-fat and fat-free dairy products.

- Replace some eggs with egg whites.

- Toast nuts before adding them to baked goods to bring out the nutty flavor, allowing you to use fewer high-calorie nuts.

- Instead of cream or whipping cream, use evaporated fat-free milk.

- When making recipe changes, experiment by making one change at a time.

While you can be sure your holiday baked goods have received a health overhaul, not everyone else is going to make lighter options. Always think small portions when sampling treats, and just one or two of your favorites. Don’t deny yourself, you’ll only overdo it later.

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