Plan Ahead For Your Child’s After School Supervision

As we prepare to get back in the groove for the upcoming school year, we can’t forget about how our kids will be taken care of after school.

Latch key children are those who are left home alone after school. These kids face extra challenges. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, young and middle aged children need supervision, and most children are not mature enough to take care of themselves until they’re teenagers.

Parents who have to work should exhaust all options before deciding to allow their child to be unsupervised after school.

Viable options include after school programs and activities – perhaps at the child’s school, a local YMCA, Boys & Girls Club or another reliable organization.

Parents can also check with local daycares or partner with other parents of school age children who may be able to watch your children for a few yours until you’re able to pick them up. You could even offer to babysit their kids for a few hours during the weekend or in the evening to make it up.

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