Plan a Staycation with the Family

Sometimes families don’t have the budget for a big, expensive vacation. But if spending quality time with your kids is important to you (and it better be!) there are still fun ways to have a vacation closer to home.

Here are some fun family staycation ideas.

Go Camping in the Backyard
Camping is a great childhood memory for many, but just pitching a tent in the backyard can bring on a similar experience. Build a fire in the fire pit, roast hot dogs and make s’mores. Play yard games and then get ready to sleep under the stars. If you need any modern conveniences that the house provides, you’re only a few feet away.

Tour Your Own City
Maybe there’s a museum downtown that you’ve never checked out or a unique business that gives interactive tours. Pretend you and your family are tourists in your own city and go out and explore. Don’t forget your camera!

Plan a Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt
Get all of the neighborhood kids involved and create an amazing scavenger hunt. There are loads of different riddles and scavenger list ideas on the web. Be creative and have fun!

Host a Movie Marathon
Movie nights are always fun, but how about an all-day, all-night movie marathon? Wake up, make breakfast, and let the kiddos pick a movie. Stay in your jammies all day, get out the popcorn and have fun enjoying each other’s company while catching up on the latest family flicks.

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