Whose Facebook Profile is That?

In the days of Facebook, Twitter and Google+ it’s rare to find someone who doesn’t participate in social media. It’s natural to want to share our lives with those we care about. If you’re a mom, your children are all-consuming which easily translates onto our Facebook pages. Baby rolled over, baby’s first tooth, baby’s first steps, did you see how cute my baby is? We want to share with our friends and families these important milestones; something I never understood pre-baby.

I used to roll my eyes at moms who quoted each thing their kid said but was only amusing to them and vowed to never do the same. Today I resist the urge to expose my daughter online too much. Sure it’s tempting to announce to the Facebook world that Elena slept 9 hours last night! Or that she finally enjoys bath time! See, check her out in her bath in all her naked glory, smiling away. How cute! But, what about her privacy? And do people who aren’t close family or friends really care?

Many of my Facebook friends with kids now use their kid’s picture as their profile picture. I always smirk when I see this, thinking, wow a 6-month-old has his own Facebook profile? What say you? Is it okay to have your child’s picture as your profile, should you keep your kid out of it, or go with a picture of both of you? As for me, I went with a happy medium… a pic of me and my daughter to represent my profile. I don’t want to lose my identity. Yes I am a mother, definitely my most important role, but I’m also a wife, friend, daughter, sister, reporter, wild woman (sometimes)!

And I don’t want to exploit my child or embarrass her. As we now know, what goes on the internet stays on the internet. What is an appropriate amount of photos and stories to share?

Now I love looking at my Facebook friends’ baby photos, and I find their family anecdotes amusing. I’ve even reached out to other mommies for advice. I think as long as we keep in mind that we’re adults using Facebook to connect with others and our children don’t have a say in it, we should try and respect their privacy while maintaining our own identities.

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Liz Hayes
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