Meet “Molly,” the New It Drug

When Miley Cyrus sings about “dancing with molly” in her summer hit, “We Can’t Stop,” she isn’t crooning about twerking with her best friend. She’s talking about rolling on MDMA, which is nicknamed molly and is quickly becoming a popular drug for young adults to take, particularly at music concerts.

According to The Partnership at, MDMA is the chemical used in the drug ecstasy, and molly is the powder or crystal form of it. The stimulant can have serious health risks including anxiety, confusion, depression, paranoia, sleep problems, blurred vision, chills, involuntary teeth chattering, increased heart rate and blood pressure and seizures.

Media reports say that over the Labor Day weekend, two young adults in New York who had reportedly taken Molly overdosed during a music festival. Taking a stimulant like molly while at a hot, crowded music concert where you may also be drinking alcohol and getting dehydrated can prove to be a deadly combination.

Melissa Dotter, with the Alcohol and Other Drugs Partnership Council of Marathon County, says those in the field she’s talked to haven’t seen molly in Central Wisconsin lately, although a few years ago there was some in the area.

“With all the hoopla about Miley Cyrus and other stars glorifying it, it is only a matter of time,” Dotter said.

Molly is sold as a pure drug, misleading people to believe it is safer than ecstasy or other drugs. Molly can be cut or mixed with other harmful substances, and in some cases, may be another dangerous designer drug known as bath salts.

The Partnership at suggests parents talk to their children about the dangers of molly as well as all dangerous substances.

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