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I’m traveling for work right now. And, despite some jet lag, I’m able to be quite productive. In fact, all of my meetings have gone well, as expected.

This is not the first time I’ve been away from Will and the kids. But, each time I go on a work trip, even though Will needs very little help (He has his routine for when I’m gone down pat.), I stress so much about all the tasks that need to be done.

Here are some of the things I do before I travel to keep myself from worrying all the time while I’m gone:

I try to get all the housekeeping done and laundry put away (even though we all know that’s NOT possible with three kids and a dog!).

I pay all the regular bills ahead of time (Thank goodness for online banking!).

I purchase way too much food (and wine!) so all Will needs to purchase while I’m away are perishables or special items the kids want/need.

For things we know about ahead of time, I work out social activities and rides for the kids with our friends.

To me, the idea that Will would have to worry about stuff I can take care of ahead of time bothers me. Because my absence more than doubles his family responsibilities, I just want him to enjoy his time with the kids and only worry about taking care of their immediate needs – nothing else. So, when something happens (like a stomach bug or a lost tooth), there’s less of a chance that the situation would turn chaotic. And, when I receive the “full report” of the incident, I don’t feel even more guilty for being away from home – I know Will is able to focus on the immediate situation and not worry about whether we have enough toothpaste or not.

I’ve had a number of conversations with other moms who have had to travel for work. We all have our funny stories about the things our husbands have had to deal with without us (like the time our middle guy told Will his stomach hurt and promptly threw up on the floor right in front of Will … ). But, we all express a common theme: We could not survive the professional obligations that go along with our work life without our wonderful husbands!

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