Moms Lobby for Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is now legal in nearly two dozen states. Recreational marijuana is legal in four… and many more jurisdictions are on the verge of legalization.

When you have a child with a life threatening condition, you’ll go to any length to keep them alive. Sally Graer’s daughter Margaret has been living with epilepsy her entire life. The 25-year-old has the cognitive abilities of a 4-year-old and is at high risk for sudden death due to her disease. Sally has been pounding down the doors of congress members, urging them to improve access to therapeutic hemp oil nationwide.

“It’s an education piece. It’s a benign substance nobody can get high off of it it’s like oh… this isn’t the scary EVIL thing we thought it was,” Sally said.

Sally says the use of hemp oil, a natural substance, has been helpful to her daughter. Advocates say it can reduce seizures for those with epilepsy.

While lobbying for better access to hemp oil, Sally says she’s gotten positive feedback from many members of Congress.

So far the FDA has not recognized the marijuana plant as medicine - however studies have shown that two of the active ingredients in marijuana, THC and CBD may decrease pain, inflammation and muscle control problems, and reduce nausea while increasing appetite. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there are clinical trials being conducted to see if the plant can effectively treat diseases such as Alzheimer's, HIV and multiple sclerosis.

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