Leftover Candy Woes

I admit it. I have no will power. I just finished my second mini bag of peanut M&M’s. My favorite Halloween Candy, next to Butterfingers. But “we” only got one of those in “our” haul. “We” being my son who is at school and not aware that I’m trolling through his stash. But if the Butterfinger disappears the jig will be up.

The real question is what to do with all this sugar? Do you let them eat an entire pillowcase of candy? It’s not easy. I took an informal survey of a few moms I know yesterday to see what they do, and I got some interesting ideas.

We typically let the kids eat quite a bit the night of Halloween itself, kind of go crazy, get your fill, binge while you can kind of night. Then after that we limit their intake to one piece of candy each day. But at that rate it lasts until Easter. So then, what ever is left by the time Thanksgiving pies are made gets tossed out, or taken to work to get rid of it.

One mom told me when their kids were young they started the tradition of the Great Pumpkin. The kids leave their candy out the night after Halloween and the Great Pumpkin comes and takes the candy but leaves a toy. Not bad, but not something you can start mid elementary school for sure!

Other moms say they just let them graze for a few nights and then throw the rest out.

Some take it to the buy back programs, which for me is just another thing on my schedule that adds stress to my day so unfortunately that just isn’t going to happen.

Please share your idea mom-to-mom! I would love to hear about a clever solution to the age-old sugar rush, tooth decay, calorie overload problems!

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