Choices Choices Choices

Church camp, softball, horse back riding, swimming lessons, 4-H, sports camps at the high school and now she wants to do cake decorating?

Of course this is in addition to weekly church services, sleepovers with friends, vacations, trips to the Grandmas and daily visits to the pool. Summer break hasn't even started and this momma is already tired.

So for the first time in her life, my 9-year-old had to make some real choices. It started with a major meltdown and lots of crying. "I want to do it all!", she pouted. "I just can't pick. Why can't do it all?", she cried.

My heart ached for her for just a moment. It is all fun and I want her to have many different experiences. I'm thankful we can afford to take her to several activities and grateful that I'm home everyday to chauffer her around. But in the end I told her that it's simply not healthy and gets very expensive to run her all over town.

I explained she should have time to rest and relax and that I don’t want to be the “over-scheduled” family. I warned she should be considerate of her sister. She’s not the only one who wants to do things this summer. And finally I said she will have to learn to prioritize. What is most important? She certainly will have to do this when she's an adult so this life lesson is starting now. I admit I spoil my kids rotten, but I’m not budging on this one.

So how do you limit your children’s activities? Do you feel like a full time taxi driver and ATM machine wrapped up in one? Can’t wait to hear from you!

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Rachel Phillips
Riding horses, going to the lake, beach vacations, little league sports and church activities is how the Phillips family spends most of its time together.

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