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Hello, and welcome to momseveryday.com! I’m Rachel Phillips, host of the momseveryday.com show that airs Monday through Friday at 11:24am-ish on KAKE, Channel 10. I love hosting this show because I love finding out about events, businesses and organizations right here in our community that are just for moms!

In addition to hosting the show, I will also be writing this blog. Now my idea of a blog is a little different.

Instead of reading paragraphs of my opinions, I like to get topics started and then hear from other moms about what they do or think.

So, because I love, love, love shopping we will start off with the topic of BLACK FRIDAY shopping! I have been getting up in the dark to Black Friday shop for about 5 years now. I went my first year to the Disney store at Town East at 5 a.m. I bought my girls all the princess stuff they could imagine and saved a bundle. Then I survived Target and Walmart. I was hooked!

The first year I went with my mom and a girlfriend. I went home and explained to my husband about all the crowds and pushing and shoving and strategically parking your cart to be first in line when the stockers unwrap a new pallet of a very hot item. My dear soul mate felt the environment might be a little unsafe for his “princess wife” so he has been chauffeuring me and whoever wants to join me around every year since.

But here’s the deal, 5 a.m. is one thing, 3a.m. however, might just be ridiculous. And that’s exactly when I heard Kohl's will be opening this year!

I salute all of you out there who can make it to that door buster and still be a functioning mom the rest of the day. Now, I’m obviously not a professional at Black Friday shopping yet, so I am counting on you guys to help.

Please submit in the comments below any super great deals you hear of and any BF shopping tips that you can share with the rest of us. I know some of you may consider giving up tips and sales as super top secrets, but really, times are tough. Let’s help our fellow moms get the best deals possible and try to stay as stress-free as possible on Black Friday 2010!

Here are a few tips and prices from me:

  • Shop online starting at midnight on Thanksgiving Day. It became very popular last year for stores to start the BF prices early online on Thanksgiving Day even when their storefronts couldn’t be open. We saved a ton last year on electronics this way.

  • Sign-up for a BF email newsletter. I prefer bfads.net. I started getting updates from them before Halloween.

  • Start shopping now! Many stores are already offering pre-BF sales that are equivalent or even better than what is in their official BF ads. We found this to be true last year at Sears when buying a TV. So shop while the line is short!

  • Make choices quickly! Prices for many items are only good while supplies last and that can change within minutes. Nothing is more frustrating then going back to buy something online and seeing that it is no longer available.

Hot deals I found on bfads.net for this weekend (11/12-11/14):

  • Home depot has the LG front loading washer and electric dryer for $599 each (I paid way more than that 2 years ago)

  • Newegg has the Toshiba 40E200U 40" 1080p LCD HDTV for $599 with $200 off promo code EMCZZZN23=$428.99 with free shipping

  • Sears will have the Panasonic VIERA® 50 in. Plasma HD TV for just $765 on their friends and family night, Nov. 14th, $799 on BF, regularly $1199

  • Best Buy has the Sony PlayStation 3 160GB w/ Free Additional Dual Shock 3 Wireless Controller for $299.99

Alright ladies, it is your turn now and I can’t wait to hear from you! Give us the scoop on sales you’ve heard of and some of your crazy Black Friday tips and stories too!

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