A Crazy Morning

OK... I just had to share. Moms and Dads, you know how crazy mornings can be. Well, here's what happened at the Vanderford household today.

It's around 7:50 a.m. The first bell at school rings at 8:10 a.m. This is crunch time. In these last 20 minutes, my kids finally seem to be "awake" after breakfast and start making the moves toward brushing teeth, combing hair and getting clothes on.

And sometimes, (well, that's say most of the time) my kids like to say they completed a task first...like brushing their teeth.

So here we go...yelling and crying coming from the bathroom. Here's the scene:

After breakfast, Jacob is using the bathroom for his boy duty... and at the same time Olivia barges in to grab her toothbrush.

"Olivia, what are you doing?" Jacob yells!

Olivia reaches for her toothbrush and at the same time accidentally grabs Jacob's. In her rush, his toothbrush falls into the toilet as Jacob is, well...finishing his business.

And because of the chaos and Jacob's concern for the falling toothbrush, his aim gets off target.

Ya...you get the visual. Not a good situation at all.

Olivia runs downstairs crying, feeling bad for her mistake. And after his initial disgust, Jacob eventually hugs his sister and there is peace once again.

8:05 a.m. Time to go! I hand off the backpacks and off they go with dad. They should make the bell.

I shut the door and smile. Another crazy mom moment. But, you gotta love it! Only in parenthood...

I'd love to hear your before-school moments. I'm sure you've got some GREAT stories! Please share!

Happy Parenting!


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Taryn Vanderford loves being a mom to her two elementary-aged kids, Jacob and Olivia.  Activities with the kids and a full-time job keep Taryn pretty busy, but in her free time she enjoys taking pictures, reading, Jazzercising, gardening, traveling and playing the piano for church.