Play Ball! It's A Home Run Birthday

Nine years ago, I celebrated America’s birthday in the hospital. My son was born in Knoxville, Tennessee on July 2nd.

This little 8 pound baby has now grown into a big time sports fanatic. His favorite channel is of course ESPN. And his favorite sports are football, baseball and basketball, in that order. I’m thankful that he does like to sing, and he does take piano lessons (although right now twinkling the ivories isn’t big on his list).

Every year, my kids pick a theme for their parties. In April, Olivia chose a mermaid theme. And last year, you may have remembered Jacob's platypus party?! What can I say, he was into bizarre Australian animals! Well, this was Jacob's year for going all out with sports.

While many kids in Jacob's class were having parties at the pool or at Laser Tag, Jacob held fast to having his party at home. That put a smile on my face. Yes, an at-home party is a bit more work for me, but I think these parties will be great memories for the kids. They've already started to reflect back on previous themes and think ahead to the next party.

I hope my kids continue to be fans of these combo parties with a mix of relatives and friends. I'd love to hear how you celebrate birthdays! I'm including some pictures from the party, too.

Happy Parenting!

P.S. Instead of small party favor bags filled with a mix of sports goodies, I opted to hand out two items. One was a box full of nine mini bunt cookies from Cooperstown Cookies. These bite-size baseball cookies come in a fun and collectible box that includes a scoreboard, picture find and tricky trivia question. I picked the Kansas City Royals boxes. We also handed out a Wiffle ball set. So one party favor was a sweet treat, while the other keeps the kids active.

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