Birthday Wishes, March 22

March 16th was my birthday. I turned _______. We’ll leave that blank for now. It’s funny how as we get older birthdays start to creep up on us. My kids can’t wait for their birthdays and their themed-parties. They count down the days. I think adult birthdays can be fun, too, if we try to make that day SPECIAL.

Jon and the kids did a nice job making my day special. About a month out, they had a secret meeting in Jacob’s room. The three planned the event from the balloons to the cake. Of course, those are the main elements needed for any birthday party!

So when the day finally arrived, the threesome was ready for action. The day was perfect…70 degrees in mid-March. My eight-year-old thought I was lucky to have a March birthday. That surprised me a bit.

“Honey, your birthday is in July. It’s a summer birthday around the Fourth of July, with fireworks, warm weather and no school!” I said.

Jacob replied, “It’s not fair! You have March Madness!”

OK, for a little boy, basketball IS a big factor!

Anyway, the family took me out to eat at a local Japanese steakhouse. Some family and friends joined us. It’s an entertaining environment with great food! The best part is…the birthday person eats for FREE! (Well, 99 cents, but that’s basically free.) After looking at the Koi fish, the kids were ready to get me home for the main event…cake and presents!

The cake was a glistening mixture of lime green frosting with polka dots and blue and pink flowers. Looking at it just made you happy! And even though every gift was thoughtful and sweet, my favorite cards and presents came from my kids. They went to “Paint Yourself Silly” and proudly used their artistry to paint some colorful plates with my name prominently displayed. They also took the effort to wrap each present with mismatched pieces of paper and tape. Each kid also crafted a birthday card and Olivia even made me a journal. (She’s been working on these little pictorial reads in kindergarten.)

Jacob’s card featured a leprechaun and the words, “No one could have a specialer birthday than my mom.”

As I blew out the candles on the cake, my kids at my side, I was thankful for the love of my family and friends. You can’t wish for a “specialer” day than that!

May all your birthday wishes come true!


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Taryn Vanderford
Taryn Vanderford is an Emmy-winning journalist who currently works on "First at Four", "Pure Nebraska" and "Moms Everyday" for 10/11 and Gray Television.

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