Dear Santa

This article, entitled "Dear Santa," comes from Taryn Vanderford, MomsEveryday blogger from Lincoln, NE.

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I love hearing the smooth sounds of those holiday classics like Bing Crosby's "Do you Hear What I Hear", Nat King Cole's "The Christmas Song" and Perry Como's "There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays." The best part of those songs? The memories and family traditions these timeless tunes conjure up.

I like tradition. And I like traditional favorites. Looking for chocolate behind advent calendar windows, watching holiday classics like "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer narrated by Burl Ives" and visiting Santa are holiday musts. I remember my brother and I writing letters to Santa. We told him to help himself to the milk and cookies and to let his reindeer munch on the haystacks. Sure enough, every year, the plate was sprinkled with cookie crumbs and a faint blanket of milk coated the bottom of the glass. Santa had been in our house!! And outside, the nimble footed reindeer left their tracks in the crunchy snow leading to the haystacks on our farm. Holes in the haystacks signaled that the deer had their fill of the hay.

Living in the city, my kids can't experience the wonder of Santa's reindeer snacking on hay, but they can write a letter and leave the traditional milk and cookies. So their Santa letters get written and mailed every December. And every December, the kids receive a letter back. That mail service to the North Pole is pretty efficient! Here are the letters my kids wrote this year. I've typed them, but tried to keep the spelling and capitalization similar.

Here's Jacob's letter:

Dear Santa,

here is what I would like for Christmas a Wii, a new footbal, a Nebraska hat, an electronic football game, a paper jamz guitar, goal posts, a football tee, another basketball and a new baseball mitt.

your friend,
Jacob Vanderford

P.S. How are you in the North Pole? Are your reindeer Okay? I left some cookies and carrots for your reindeer so help yourself.

And here's Olivia's short and sweet letter. (She LOVES to form words and write, write, write!)

Teacup PiGGy

CaLico criTTers H*



(There's a small stick drawing of a girl with curly hair at the bottom.)

Olivia's letter is basically a list, but I think Santa will get the gist. Soon that jolly old elf will guide his sleigh to houses in waiting...houses with children who wrote their letters, left their cookies and now wait for magic!

Merry Christmas!


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