Elf on the Shelf Returns

There he was...that cute, innocent, smiling face full of Christmas cheer. Our Elf on the Shelf returned on Saturday to the delight of our kids.

He was propped in one of his favorite spots, on the shelf above our TV in the living room.

"I told you he'd come on December 1st" Jon told Olivia.

She had doubted his 2012 debut.

"We can't touch him, right?"

Nope. But Olivia and Jacob got a good look on Saturday.

There he sat, all day long, smiling while our Husker football team was beaten in a big way on Saturday night.

No big deal for the elf. He's here to watch for naughty or nice kids. And the kids were fine during the football game. A few adults (including mommy) could be written up for bad behavior during that game, though. lol

Anyway, on December 2nd the elf stayed in his same spot...must of liked the view. But on December 3rd, he got a little crazy...he was making snow angels on the kitchen counter!! Olivia was brave and touched the "snow", but was very careful to not get close to the elf.

Then on December 4th, the elf popped up propped on the lamp shade. Olivia looked at him from underneath the shade.

"Why does the elf have a tag? He's kind of like a toy."


"Well, he's like the misfit toys on Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. They were toys that talked. Elves can look like toys," I said, coming up with the best explanation I could muster at the time.

Yesterday, on December 5th, that little elf outdid himself! He was on the printer and made a photocopy of his body! Olivia just had to show her friends at school.

And today, that magical buddy took a cue from "Elf" himself and sat perched in a mug of candy, holding a fork in spaghetti, surrounded by pop and syrup.

Oh what fun... for the kids and for mommy. Six days down, 18 more to go! What else will that elf do? And, come to think of it, what is his name??? (Oh ya, Olivia reminded me this morning that it's Jingle.)

I'd love to hear how your elf gets into mischief and find out your Elf on the Shelf names!

Until next time, warm Christmas wishes!


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