Feeling Guilty

This article, entitled "Feeling Guilty," comes from Taryn Vanderford, MomsEveryday blogger from Lincoln, NE.

Sometimes a little nudge is all that's needed to fess up to something. That's what happened to my son the other night.

We were watching another episode of "Little House on the Prairie" (my daughter has all the DVDs). The show was called "The Cheaters."

Here's the summary:

Andy Garvey is a friend of the Ingalls kids. Andy is doing poorly in school to the embarrassment of his mom who is the current teacher. So, Mrs. Garvey asks Nellie Olesen (the spoiled school troublemaker) to tutor Andy. Nellie shows Andy how she has been doing so well on all the tests. Nellie cheats and gets Andy to do the same. They are both getting good grades, and Mrs. Garvey is proud of Andy. But, when Andy starts to feel guilty and wants to tell, Nellie threatens him. A scared Andy finally speaks up in class. His parents are upset, but relieved. Andy's burden is lifted.

After the show was over, Jacob told us that he had a friend come over after school to play Wii...without asking us first. This seemed out of character for Jacob. We were both quiet at first, and then told him that probably wasn't a good idea...since we weren't there to monitor the situation.

Jacob was upset. He always wants to do the right thing, but sometimes for kids, it's easy to get influenced by peers. The situation probably seemed innocent enough to him.

We explained that having one kid over could lead to two or more kids without parental supervision.

After our talk, and obvious concern, he understood.

I just wonder if "The Cheaters" episode got to him...just a little.

If it was his conscience or the show, either way, I'm glad he feels comfortable talking to us and telling the truth.

Until next time...Happy Parenting!

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