Firsts for a Family

“The corn looks like tiny little ants and the houses look like toy houses. Mom was right!”

“She’s so excited,” laughs a passenger in the row ahead of us.

It was Olivia’s first memorable flight. And as a six year old, this is a big deal.

My kids flew as babies, but of course had no memories of that. Now the feelings of trepidation and excitement blended together. Not only were they up in the air, they were going to Florida where new sites and adventure awaited them.

This was a time of “firsts” for our two kids on many levels.

First memorable time flying…lift-off = priceless!
First time in Florida…hello sunshine and the tropics!
First time at a bowl game…the kids made an ESPN sign.
First time at the ocean… even though it was chilly, the kids walked in the Atlantic Ocean and collected shells with their little cousin.
First time at SeaWorld…the kids LOVED getting splashed by Shamu and having caricatures made of themselves.
First time at Disney World…a shy meeting with Tinker Bell, and a trip through “A Small World” were magical moments.
First time to see palm trees…”Where are the coconuts?” asked little Olivia.

Our four days in Orlando over New Years will always be a highlight in my life. Not to mention, that the weather dipped down to the 40s a few days!

But besides the unusual chilly temps, the glitz of the Magic Kingdom, the splashes at SeaWorld, and the loss in the Capital One Bowl game, it's the sweet, innocent magic of doing something for the *first* time that stands out.

Remember your first time seeing the ocean or the first time your child said “mommy”? I’d love to hear about your special “firsts.”

Thanks for reading and happy parenting!


P.S. I've included some extra pictures under "photos."

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