Friendly Combat, Dec. 17

The battle has begun! Where are those Christmas elves when you need them? They need to report to Santa about some naughty behavior going on at the Vanderford house. Lately, I've noticed my 5-year-old and 8-year-old kids getting a bit rambunctious. They like to tease each other and wrestle around the house. There's jumping, some kicking and a bit of grabbing. It's not intentional malice. It's what you'd call friendly combat.

It was bound to happen. Kids love to play and sometimes play rough. I remember getting into battles with my little brother. And sometimes, the outcome left war wounds. My mom has a picture of my brother wearing a birthday hat and a bright red scratch down his face. Not good. That wasn't the best move for a big sister to make.

Luckily, my kids have kind quarrels. What am I saying? Is this OK? At first I worried about my little girl in these tug-of-war tussles. But, as my dad noticed, she seems to be holding her own.

Last night, right before bed, Jacob came running up the stairs worried about his lip bleeding. What happened now? I guess he and Olivia were in the midst of a scuffle when she jumped on him. So, as Jon tended to Jacob's mouth, I heard Olivia crying.

At the foot of the stairs, I saw my little girl, her blond hair tousled in her eyes and big tears streaming down her face. As I grabbed her, I noticed a band-aid in her hand.

"I'm such a bad sister," Olivia whimpered. "Here's a band-aid for Jacob."

I couldn't help it. The sweetness was oozing from that mini but mighty body. And a box full of band-aids with a torn wrapper lay strewn on the downstairs bathroom floor. Jacob's inside lip was bleeding, and Olivia thought a band-aid would help. Band-aids help everything, right?

As I wiped away the big tears, I told Olivia that her big brother was OK. But, I also warned that they both needed to be careful with their welcoming warfare.

Next, came the truce with a heartfelt apology. No white flag needed...just a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

Christmas is coming and Santa is watching. Will the Vanderford kids be on the "nice" list?

Happy Parenting!


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Taryn Vanderford
Taryn Vanderford is an Emmy-winning journalist who currently works on "First at Four", "Pure Nebraska" and "Moms Everyday" for 10/11 and Gray Television.

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